Moving into a new neighborhood can be both exciting and overwhelming. Community Greetings has been welcoming new residents to many locations since 1999. We provide recommendations and resources you’ll need as you establish yourself in a new home.

We’ll help you become more familiar with the area by offering a warm, friendly smile and useful packet of community information. From eating establishments and doctors’ offices to auto repair
and home-improvement stores, our welcome basket will connect you with local professionals and great discounts to make your transition easier and more cost-effective.

We have been so overjoyed with our new community...our neighborhood, schools, shopping...have been amazing and welcoming. But today I got a knock on the door from the Grimes Welcoming Committee and was completely floored by the kindness and gifts they gave us! Gift certificates for pizza, salons auto services, even free LuLaRoe! They brought info on dentists, doctors, kids activities and other services in the area. To say we are starting to feel at “home” would be accurate. All the anxiety and stress was worth it.

— Nicole, Grimes resident

To find out more about our community greeters, please contact us at 515.986.0883